Time and time again we hear customers ask: "Why does it cost so much to have my car towed?"

Well, we think it's time you got a straight answer.

Facts About Towing

Don't judge charges solely by the time a tower spends with your car.

When a professional wrecker operator arrives to pick up or provide road service to your vehicle, many costs have already been incurred just to get the tow truck there, ready and prepared to complete the job. To provide towing service costs money. These costs (overhead), as in any business, are passed on to the consumer. The charge for such services cannot be judged solely on the time it takes for the operator to tow or perform roadside service to your vehicle.

A big part of overhead expenses is attributed to the constant maintenance and replacement of tools and equipment and the constant need for fuel (to run the trucks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year). Tow Trucks aren't like regular vehicles. It's not like buying a pickup truck. It's much more expensive than that. The added expense of office equipment, and supplies must also be recovered in the cost of doing business. These elements combined with insurance, expenses (such as rent, additional employees,  phones, water, electric, etc...), driver salaries, employee benefits, and profit are all used to determine the selling cost of towing services.

When you pay to have your car towed, you receive the value of the wrecker operator's years of experience, skill, and knowledge. Operating a wrecker and towing a vehicle are learned skills, not something just anyone can do without proper training. Many operators pay to attend towing and recovery courses, and take examinations to become certified in their line of work.

Sometimes a wrecker operator will arrive at the scene to find the customer no longer needs a tow. This may still result in a fee because there is still overhead expense involved in getting to the job.

If your towing service charge is more than you expected, remember, good service doesn't just happen. Operating a dependable service business that provides reliable service requires organization, competent management, and a substantial capital investment.

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