Vehicles release hours  - Monday to Friday 830am to 430pm (call office for details)                                        

                                         - After hours or holidays must be pre-arranged during business hours, additional fees may apply

All outstanding fees must be paid in full (no partial payments are accepted)

Outstanding fees typically include towing, storage, and administration costs

Fees may be paid using cash, Visa or MasterCard or American Express (Fees are non-negotiable & we do NOT accept debit)

Storage is charged daily from the date of impound until vehicle is removed from property

Vehicles held at any of our impound facilities will only be released to the registered owner or their designated person.  (written authorization required and picture ID required)

Vehicles impounded can only be released once the conditions for release have been met (those conditions are set by law enforcement)

Photo ID must be produced for all releases

Please remember that the tow company & or driver are not responsible for your vehicle having been towed / impounded. This was requested by law enforcement, and the conditions for release are set by the officer, not the tow company. 

Our company will not tolerate abuse of our valued staff, and as such we have instituted an "angry fee", which will be applied when necessary.

Impound Policies

A L L  -  R I T E   T O W I N G

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